Roam Profiles

Starting Roam with the --profile option allows you to control the folder that Roam and Config Manager will load settings and projects from.

Using this it is possible to setup different folders for different "profiles" with their own projects and plugins, keeping them isolated.

Roam will make the profile folder with the right layout to run.

Usage: roam.exe --profile C:\temp\testing


This can be used to have test vs production style setup

roam.exe --profile C:\temp\test

will make the following setup:

  • C:\temp\test\projects*
  • C:\temp\test\plugins*
  • C:\temp\test\logs*
  • C:\temp\test\roam.config

roam.exe --profile C:\temp\prod

  • C:\temp\prod\projects*
  • C:\temp\prod\plugins*
  • C:\temp\prod\logs*
  • C:\temp\prod\roam.config