List of new features and changes in IntraMaps Roam 2.5

Release Files


  • [App] Only load project.qgs by default.

By default Roam will only load project.qgs unless projectfile is set in project.config.
This will only be issue if you changed the project name after using Roam Config Manager.

  • [App] New --profile command line option to load projects/plugins/logs, etc from profile folder See Profiles for more details
  • [Project] Allow [% qgisexpression %] in info queries. Will be replaced before the query is run.
  • [Forms] Show GPS marker on map image in drawing widget
  • [Forms] New timestamp option for drawing widget.
  • [Forms] Form widget events. Events can be used to change other values or show/hide other controls.
  • [Forms] Field expressions can now be run on Capture/Save or Both.
  • [Mapping] Snapping enabled on all layers.
  • [Mapping] GPS way point markers
  • [Mapping] Red highlight for invalid geometry (Doesn't stop the user saving feature)
  • [Forms] Generic attachment widget (saved into _attachements, can copy or move attachment to folder)
  • [Forms] Add section support
  • [Forms] New top down form style.
  • [UI] Project download status
  • [UI] Move the status bar to the map page only.
  • [Config] image_size to set fixed image size
  • [Config] smallmode: true will force toolbars into icon mode at start up.
  • [Plugins] Allow plugins to create toolbars in the map widow
  • [API] Allow saving features while ignoring form checks. e.g Forced save.
  • [App] Plugins folder will be found relative to roam.config
  • [API] Form.new_feature can take preloaded values.
  • [API] Add zoom_to_feature method

Config manager changes:

  • 3126d28 Add new form style option in form config UI
  • ecb78ce Add search config UI to config manager. Fix search for spaces in columns
  • c607f62 Add icon picker for form. Update search icon
  • b65b40a Add html view of project info
  • 8bd4123 Add style widget from QGIS for inline styling
  • ca147b3 Add plugins node to show installed plugins.
  • f742584 Rename Default to expression in config manager UI
  • 9a7c093 Add events widget

Minor Changes:

Bug fixes

See for list of closed tickets.

  • Fix error for fields with spaces in info panel.
  • c9d503d Fix image path loading with space
  • 4ab7c11 Fix #272 - Trim GPS DOP values
  • e59cb48 Fix #297 - Disable add vertex button with GPS disconnect
  • 0e3ae16 Fix #301 - Fix missing default expression button
  • ca036a7 Fix #306 - Fix error on no results in search
  • e95fa92 Fix time selection in date time widget
  • 4357a19 Fix sizing of list view for long entries
  • f9a4832 Fix image crash. Deep copy widgets config in feature form
  • 418ddaf Fix image from file loading
  • caded27 Fix missing info dock delete logic
  • ffcdb3e Use QgsNetworkManager for project download
  • 9600f4e Better field replacement in info panel
  • 07fc057 Fix error on no geom in geom widget
  • 2d3b01f Fix #294 - Crash on missing layer in search
  • aa1c929 Fix crash on missing geom info
  • df73d81 Fix show/hide of raster
  • e72f59c quit project search thread on exit