IntraMaps Roam is a simple data collection application built using QGIS. IntraMaps Roam is built as a standalone fully packaged Python application with everything included. QGIS is not required to be installed on the client machine and only on the machine that builds Roam from source. Pre-built binary packages will be available after the first release.

What platforms are supported?

Current IntraMaps Roam only runs on Windows based devices (tablet or desktop)

Note: Not Windows RT devices.

Could it run on Linux and OS X

It can run from source on Linux

No Android?

Once QGIS core is ported to Qt5 as well as PyQt5 support added we might have the ability to do a android port.

What geometry types are supported for capture

All geometry types are supported. Points, Lines, and Polygons.

Do I need to install QGIS or Python on the client?

Nope. IntraMaps Roam is a fully standalone Python application that bundles everything it needs into a single folder, include PyQt, gdal, QGIS, and even Python. Fancy.

I have a cool feature. Will you accept pull requests

Yes pull requests will be accepted, provided they fit in with the overall goal of the project. IntraMaps Roam is fully open source (GPL) and that is part of the culture.