Select config is a advanced section you can add to the projects in order to control the information shown in the info panel.

Setting active tools

You can control the tools that are available for a given layer with the following config.

SQL Info blocks

SQL Info1 and Info2 blocks are only supported currently on SQL Server and SQLite based layers.

Info1 queries will control the first block of information that is displayed when selecting a feature. Normally this is a simple dump of attribute from the feature however by using a info query you are able to control the display.

A Info2 query can show related records to the selected feature. This is a 1:M result when shown to the user. Any records returned in the info2 query will be shown as a new block of data.

All attributes of the selected feature are passed into the query and can be accessed using the : prefix e.g :type, :name where type and name are field names.