List of new features and changes in IntraMaps Roam 2.2

Release Files

Major Features

  • [[Built on QGIS 2.4|]]
  • Info2 and Info1 block support (SQL Server only at the moment)
  • [[Support for enable/disable of capture, edit, edit geom modes on layers|Select-Config#setting-active-tools]]
  • [[Plugin model for extra side pages|Plugins]]
  • [[Better link support in info panel|Info-Links]]
  • Image file saving support
  • Images are now stored in the _images folder in the project folder. The file name is based on a date time stamp
  • Search in list widgets.

New Widgets

Option widget

optionrow optionrow

Option row buttons can also have colour assigned for each button when selected


Stepper buttons for numbers


Multi select lists


Minor Changes

  • Logs now in new logs\ folder (Added by [[Heather|]])
  • Expand Info panel for more room.
  • max_value('layer', 'field') default function
  • Remember value button config in config manager
  • Other fixes

API Changes

  • Forms on attribute forms (to support embedded forms with no geometry)
  • Cleaner API for adding emended widgets on the form.